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War for Altis - Act 2 Mission 5 Modded Zeus Ops 29.03.20 @ 17:30 UTC


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17:30 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)

Act 2 - Might of the Bear

Part 5




            The operation of Altian special forces was successful, striking at several strategic targets beyond enemy lines. The loss of those installations will hamper the Russian operations quite significantly. In fact, as days pass, there is virtually no movement of the frontline, the Russian offensive halted, and Altian troops utilizing this time to the best of their ability to prepare defense in depth. However, due to recent loss of equipment after having to destroy the supplies stolen by the insurgents, the Altian army is also in a worse shape than anticipated. In an attempt to compensate for the shortages some older equipment makes its way back into active service. Additionally, some of the equipment purchased shortly before the invasion, which was yet to undergo evaluation before a full delivery contract is signed, such as armored vehicles bought from South Africa, is sent in to the frontline units for "field tests". With the destruction of Russian installations and Altian loss of equipment it seems that there is only one party in this conflict prepared to push onwards - the insurgents and their Freedom allies.

            It is clear that Templar's forces are preparing to move, having received reinforcements amidst the chaos of Russian invasion. In addition to usual  guerilla operations, the insurgent are more and more often found probing Altian outposts, scouting for ample place and time to strike. There is no doubt that at least some of guerilla forces on the island are commanded by the "Phantom", an almost legendary Freedom commander and unprecedented master of infiltration. Through diligence of Altian intelligence operatives an interesting piece of information is revealed. Altian special forces attacked five out of six targets assigned to them. However, Russian radio chatter mentioned and attack on another target, one that wasn't even designated for the operation. A Gatekeeper HQ and - more importantly - its server uplink was attacked. As revealed by our operatives, some of the sensitive data was downloaded by the attackers before the server connection was severed.

            With pieces of the puzzle falling into place several things are becoming clear: Phantom and his forces were operating on Russian territory at the same time as Altian special forces and they attempted to download classified data from Gatekeeper's network. It is unknown what they were after or whether they got it, but the situation itself is worrying. Additionally it presents a question of whether Phantom knew about Altian operation to use it as diversion, or whether it was pure coincidence. This could mean that there is a Freedom spy in Altian high command.            






The Assets

Player faction: Altian armed forces

Player slots: 33

- PLATCO - 4 man command element + BRDM-2UM command vehicle

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each

- Vortex - 2-man helicopter pilot team (pilot and co-pilot)

- Deimos - 3-man vehicle crew - to operate Badger and Rooikat (note that as this is equipment for evaluation, it's availability is extremely limited - you will not get replacements)



- Mi-8 helicopters




-Various wheeled support vehicles




The mission

It seems the Russians were so impressed with our spec-ops that they decided to try a similar thing. Under cover of the night and SEAD mission an airborne detachment infiltrated our territory. However, their intel wasn't entirely accurate and they didn't manage to hit their intended targets. Now the sun is rising and they're still in Syrta, as well as occupying a nearby radar installation, which they will presumably attempt to destroy. Insurgent forces are also present in the area. We have an opportunity to destroy the enemy airborne force before they can evacuate, but be wary of insurgents and Freedom. This will most likely be a three-way engagement. More information will be provided soon.


The modset:

The modset didn't change, but I'm putting it here for anyone who might need it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184



For anyone unfamiliar with ACE who wishes to join, I recommend you check out the ACE basic handbook:




Hope to see you there!

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1 hour ago, Joey said:

I'd love to get involved! Is there somewhere I have to signup or can I just turn up and play on the day? :)


Make sure you have the necesary mods and TS + Tfar (BETA) isntalled! 


We usually gather in the waiting room. Server opens 30 minutes before go time, to give players a little time to tweak their load outs and plan for the op. Slots are first come first served, but as always it's a good idea to consider your own skill and prefenrence before selecting one.

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Tactical overview




The Russian forces are occupying Syrta and nearby Radar station. We suspect it is their intention to destroy the radar instalation, but for whatever reason they haven't accomplished that so far. The enemy force consists only of infantry, as they were unable to drop in any BMDs or Spruts. We have also confirmed that Gatekeeper troops are not present on the ground. Our intelligence revealed that the force is operating under command of renowned colonel

Vasili Petrovitch Snegiryov, known also as "Archangel". He is an expert in airborne operations, but due to the success of our spec-ops teams, the enemy lacks the assets to conduct the operation with full efficiency.

Due to destruction of enemy listening post, the operation was hampered by inaccurate intel. Furthermore, due to damage inflicted on enemy heliport and artillery, the VDV force is left with virtually no fire support, which robs Snegiryov of one of his most valued assets.

However, while the enemy artillery and rotorcraft fire support is non-existent, the enemy SEAD mission is still ongoing, which means that our long-range AA capabilities are limited. Enemy may still decide to risk unmanned assets to provide fire support, there is also a possibility that the pilots of Gatekeeper's Shikra stealth jet may try their luck, but we aren't certain if they would risk the airframe, even when our air defenses are supressed.


The insurgent and Freedom forces are present to the north and west of Syrta and we suspect they will try to assault the town. While this offers the possibility of locking the Russians between ours and Freedom forces, it also means a three-way engagement. The exact strength of insurgents is unknown. They are not part of Templar's primary force, though said force is close enough to assist if necessary. We have verified that INDIEFOR armored units are present in the area.


Due to lack of supplies our FOB construction was impededand as such you are still based in Neochori, further to the south-east. There is an outpost in Agios Dionysos, which will be avaialble to youa s a forward deployment point, but it is smaller than a full-sized FOB and lacks all the facilities. There is also the danger of Russian troops having a line-of-sight on Agios Dionysos. Equipment in the outpost is at your disposal.


In addition to other vehicles avilable to you, you will also have access to vehicles you have recovered during the mission to recover stolen supplies (1xBTR-70, 1xBRDM-2) it is up to you whether you will use these vehicles as standard assets or reserve one or both of them as possible replacements for Deimos.


The primary objective of the mission is to secure Syrta and Radar site from the Russians and prevent the town from falling into insurgent hands. As time and manpower allows, your unit will attempt to advance further west-north-west and take out possible insurgent targets. It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to advance north, as this will surely force Templar's hand and it is unlikely you would survive the assault of his force.

There may be further details revealed during pre-mission briefing, that will also be when you will receive answers to any questions you may have.


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8 hours ago, Lindi said:


Make sure you have the necesary mods and TS + Tfar (BETA) isntalled! 


We usually gather in the waiting room. Server opens 30 minutes before go time, to give players a little time to tweak their load outs and plan for the op. Slots are first come first served, but as always it's a good idea to consider your own skill and prefenrence before selecting one.

Cheers bro, see you all there!

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