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Faction change

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Good morning all,


I modified the mission in order to play on the side of the AAF against NATO. The whole mission scenario works without errors.


I am embarrassed because I can't find why I can't appear in the AAF unit. I replaced all NATO units with AAFs by carefully repeating every detail on each unit.


I changed the settings "West" by "Indep" or "guerrila" of fn_BaseManager & Main_Machine.sqf and despite that, I cannot manage spwan other than as a pilot.


I've this message on bottom left.

[ZONE RESTRICTION] no synchronized units found

thank you in advance :)


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I almost found, at first the exclamation mark which was present on the respawn location disappeared after removing the units and replacing their variable names initially noted "S1" by "s1".


I realized that the loadout equipped before respawn is reset after death. I checked the script "OnPlayerRespawn.sqf" and there is obviously no faction setting to change.

Since this script works with the "Player" variable, wouldn't these two errors be linked?

I continue my research.


PS: All faction changes work perfectly beyond this.

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