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Hiya From Nova Scotia


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Hello fellas, found you guys after picking up the game and looking for a group flying helos so I came straight over for training and hopefully some useful service. I've spent alot of time with Microsoft's Flight Sim and have a bunch of other fun flying games like Star Citizen, DCS and now this. I really enjoy flying support helo ops and am having a blast learning about the game and getting used to the new flight dynamics. 

I'm hoping to pop in your voice chat and introduce myself properly. I do alot of web design, after effects, video editing and all that stuff if that ever comes in handy. Gonna take some time and get frequented with the forums and stuff. Hope to see you around! Cheers.

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Hey! Welcome.

We have plenty of experienced pilots here who are generally happy to help. If you have any questions just ask.

One of the members of the community even created a guide for new pilots.


You can find it here:


Hope to see you in game.


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Many thanks for the info guys. Been messing with that mission now for a bit. Pretty good and with the ROTC on the go at the same time it makes for some fun transport training. Been throwing in some sling loading on that mission as well, quite the challenge.

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