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Community Update #9


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In this hectic period inside and outside of our community, I feel now is a good time to keep you all updated about all the changes and updates we have to share with you that we have been working on over the past few weeks and months here at Ahoyworld.


Server Upgrades

I won't say much more in this then what has already been mentioned in a recent announcement in the news section of our forums. In short we are in exciting times here at Ahoyworld, where thanks to the generosity of our community, you have facilitated the ability for us to upgrade our servers, so we can continue to sustain this community for the many years to come. Undoubtedly though this not something that is cheap to do, and upgrading has took a bite into our reserves, and as we transition from server to server, our monthly price will increase drastically due us having to pay for both servers while we transition over, and the associated building cost for the system further increases our monthly paying price. For this, we have drafted a fundraising goal of €250. We understand this is not a small asking price, and we are not expecting people to go out their way and donate lots of money, instead we are asking for your continued support, and using our subscription model can be a viable way to do this.

With the upgrade of our servers, this means our ip's for our servers will be changing. We will continue to supply plenty of warnings and information to our playerbase, to ensure we give our players a fair amount of transitioning time. Once we are ready to share our new ip's, we will clearly outline where they can be located publicly. All server related information will be found in the following thread.




We will continue to supply weekly gamenight's to our playerbase, and continue to welcome new players that want to get involved. The spike in player numbers in recent game nights is a portrayal that these are a hit amongst the community, and we will continue to host these missions on a weekly basis.


@JANXOL War For Altis gamenight's will be continuing as usual, Every Sunday at 17:30 UTC and new gamenight announcements will be found in the events section of the forum.  https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forum/27-events/



As for @MidnightRunner Vietnam gamenight's we are in the final stretch of these missions, with 3 weeks left. A poll has been run in the following thread about what theme the gamenights will be moving to next. 


After a conclusive decision, the next campaign will be a contemporary campaign with a real world setting, and further information will be announced in the events section of the forum, so keep your eyes out for information about the upcoming campaign as we move closer to the final week of the Vietnam Operations.


MSO have now begun their sixth campaign on Altis, and more information can be found about that in the following thread:

Main MSO gamenight's are ran on Saturday, at 18:00UTC. The MSO team have made an open invitation to our game-night players and public playerbase about joining along in their sessions, I will refer you to the following thread for more information on this topic:


For More Information about MSO or how to join, do not hesitate to contact @Johnson or @kennychr, and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about joining the MSO operations.


Mission Testing

I&A4 beta testing will resume as normal from next week, and please keep an eye on our discord for time announcement's of when we will be hosting beta tests. We are in the final bug crushing phase of I&A4, and we hope you are enjoying the next iteration of Invade and Annex.


Preliminary talks have begun backend about transitioning the mission over to AWE, and we will share more information as talks and testing progresses.


@Ryko has begun testing of a new gamemode called Operation Chimera. In short this is a PVP/PVE gamemode. There is an attacking team who attacks laid out objectives, and a team that must defend them. The Attacking team is more of a special operations force, who get night visions and suppressors and UAV support, allowing them to defeat objectives using Stealth. (once the mission starts it will begin at night, with it gradually moving to sunrise dependant on the time taken for the objectives to be complete.) The defending team on the other hand are more conventional forces, and do not have gear such as NVG's, and therefore must rely on flares, solid communication and strategical placement to spot the enemy forces.  The defending team also get's AI fire teams that aid them in defending the objectives. We recommend hopping along and trying it out for yourself to get the full experience.


The timing of these missions will be announced on discord, often 2 to 3 hours before the start of the event. Operation Chimera uses the War For Altis Modset, and the link to the workshop playlist can be found here


Final Note

As you can see above, this is a very exciting (and busy!) time here at Ahoyworld, and we want to personally thank you for your ongoing and continued support. We will continue to update you all publicly as we get new information to share, and hope that you will continue to support us for the forseeable future. It is the members that make this community, and we cannot stress your importance and significance enough.


Yours Truly,
Ahoyworld Core Staff

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