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Unsung 11th Armoured 20/03/2020


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Hey All,


There will be no Unsung mission this Friday. I have a family engagement to attend so will not be around.
Missions will resume next week. 

We have 3 missions left in Vietnam before we move to our next campaign.


I will have details of this for you in the next few days.




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As an alternative to the cancellation of the Vietnam Gamenight this week, Ryko will be hosting Operation Chimera at 18:30 UTC, the same time as the Vietnam Operations on EU3.


In short this is a PVP/PVE gamemode. There is an attacking team who attacks laid out objectives, and a team that must defend them. The Attacking team is more of a special operations force, who get night visions and suppressors, allowing them to defeat objectives using Stealth. (once the mission starts it will begin at night, with it gradually moving to sunrise dependant on the time taken for the objectives to be complete.) The defending team on the other hand are more conventional forces, and do not have gear such as NVG's, and therefore must rely on flares, solid communication and strategical placement to spot the enemy forces.  The defending team also get's AI fire teams that aid them in defending the objectives. We recommend hopping along and trying it out for yourself to get the full experience.


The Modset used will be the War For Altis Modset, with a link to the workshop list can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184


We hope to see you around tonight! 


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