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Ahoy Minecraft! - A New Server


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As some of you may be aware, we've recently changed Minecraft hosts. As a result of which, me and GarethJoiner have been working hard to get all the details figured out. We've even managed to get in a few addons.

To keep everyone updated, here's a quick list of everything we've done so far.


TeamSpeak Integration

To get our Minecraft community more involved, Minecraft text chat now shows up in TeamSpeak and vice versa. This should aid in bringing everyone together through a medium that both parties are comfortable with. On TeamSpeak, chat will currently appear and be read from "The Lounge" channel. This may be changed to the "Minecraft" channel at a later date, though the idea is for The Lounge to be a social place that a lot of people have access to.


Dynamic Map

The site will now show a Dynamic Map of our Minecraft server. This map features surface, cave and isometric 3D views of the entirety of our current world, as well as showing live player positions, chat messages and allowing the user to chat through the web interface. This should once again offer slicker integration between our site and the Minecraft community, providing ways for everyone to communicate.

The dynamic map can be viewed by navigating to
About > Minecraft Map
or clicking


Groups and Ranks

The old server's organisation regarding player ranks was that a few trusted members received Operator status. While it worked fine, it's preferable to keep only the top guys Operators to avoid mishaps such as people shutting down or restarting servers. Ergo we've integrated a new permissions system whereby everyone should get what they need without posing any risk to the server. It's important to note that everyone on the old server with Game Mode / Creative permissions still have those rights. Nothing has changed for the regulars!

To give you a low-down of the current system we have in place, here's a boring-looking list with group names and notable permissions.

  • [ADMIN] Administrators
    - OP status and access to all commands

  • Trusted Regulars
    - All the permissions of a regular member with the addition of being able to change other players' game modes

  • [VIP] Donators
    - We're not sure yet. You'll get something special for donating. Promise.

  • Regulars
    - Ability to change their own game mode, change the time of day and full building rights

  • Visitors - Players joining for the first time are put in this group. Building is disabled so that people can't come on and grief. A new group may be created for "Trial" users before they are put into the "Regulars" group


As a final note, there are lots of new commands now available on the server, so type "/help" and have a gander. If you personally or your group does not have access to a command that you believe you should have, please raise the issue with either me or GarethJoiner. While everything should be configured fine for the moment, I'd still expect a couple of hitches over the next few days.

Other than that, happy Minecrafting!

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Okay Dokay - You do all this scripting yourself? i dont mean just the Minecraft Modding, i also mean the whole site :P Its mind Boggling, Just finished a Module at Uni for Web Dev and after seeing this site in action i was all "...."

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Aye I do. Done this site and was doing most of the Minecraft server stuff last night. :) It keeps me busy finding things to add; the downside being I seem to spend more time fiddling with the site and mods than I do actually playing with you lot! :P

Thanks though - 'tis nice to hear that someone likes it. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. :P

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This is an Old thread as far as I am aware.


The link to the map is sending me to mc home and going to about isnt getting me anywhere either. :wacko: 

Im on chrome, ill try it on explorer

Cant see it on that either. How anoying!


I think the map may have moved since then... We may need to remove this old thread @Rarek to avoid confusion.

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