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Ahoyworld server upgrades


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Ahoy mates,


Ahoyworld is upgrading.  The server boxes upon which we run Arma 3 are acceptable, but as it happens we are doing well enough financially that we have decided to implement an update to better servers.  Our current boxes run on Intel i7-6700 Quad-core chips, and our new ones will run on Ryzen 5 3600 Hexa-core chips.  The numbers say it's a 29% upgrade, for essentially the same monthly cost.


Now is a great time for Ahoyworld.  Our implementation of the subscription model has allowed us to actually plan into the future by having a projectable cash flow.  While donations are the life-blood of Ahoyworld, the peaks and valleys of donations have made planning quite difficult.


However, the move to new servers is not free.  If you were considering a donation to Ahoyworld, now would be an excellent time to help us cover these costs, which we are projecting in the realm of €250.  We are on good footing, financially, but this transition will eat into our reserves a bit.


Thanks for your attention!  We'll keep you updated with further information regarding the big upgrade as it becomes available.


Best regards,


Ahoyworld Core Staff members

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Heya everyone, 


I would like to let you know where we are currently at with the server upgrades and progressing through with the upgrade plan. 


Flagship has been running on the new box for just over a month now and it is running well. The server is more stable than before and we have noticed an uptick in performance in the day to day server running. 


Valiant, our second server that we host Modded operations on is now with us and i am progressing through the server setting it up to ensure it is suitably setup for the players to enjoy the full potential of our modded server. With this has been some back end code changes that will allow for us to host modded gamenights more efficiently with less man hours required to ensure they are setup correctly. As such this server should be ready for the gamenights next week. 


All of us at the AhoyWorld Staff team look forward to having these new, more powerful boxes to fuel us into the release of our current projects, I&A4 and Liberation. 

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