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Enemies keep respawning on main mission when taking point?

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Whilst playing a local copy of 3.3.50 with a clanmate the other day, I noticed that when we were close to clearing the main objective, randomly a new AI squad would often spawn right in front of us or very close to us. I've looked through the code but I can't see where this could be happening - unless my clanmate was taking the p*ss and zeusing them in. Can anybody give me any pointers in the code where I can stop this behaviour - obviously I'd expect reinforcements when it's a factory but this was a standard "take the place" main mission.

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Darn it, I never thought of writing them down. We'll probably be playing this week so I'll do the blindingly obvious then.

In the meantime can you think of anywhere that this random spawning of AI squads would be happening - I couldn't see anything obvious unless it was a factory level - which this wasn't. edit: I'm sure at least one of them was a mechanised squad, but not all.

I still have a suspicion it might be my clanmate arseing around with Zeus and then denying it, but I just wanted to make sure.

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