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Drake3011 - Reporting for Duty


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*Hardy Salute*

Howdy to All, Im Drake, better known to the world as the infamously Brilliant "Smo"

I'm a Game Dev Student at Uni of Glos, Avid Mien Kraft Player, know more about Video Games than i do about my Fiancée, and am likely to go Rampant on Rants about Games, so i pre-warn you that this could well be a new medium for Delivery :P

You'll most likely catch me on Minecraft... A Lot.... im not kidding, i just finished my first year of uni and i have nothing to do for 5 months... Expect big Projects...

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Glad to have you with us bud! Hopefully I can catch you on Minecraft pretty soon and check out your infamous building talent.

Oh and don't worry about the whole ranting thing. Package them into a review and we can post them on the front page!

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Well, as Jack kindly reminded me with the banner for the Minecraft server... You interested in making a cube world? Underground of course. We don't want to mess the pretty server up. Much.

Cube World? as in a Solid square of Terrain? that sounds like a pretty interesting project

But if we Crack the Worldedit stuffs, we could remove whole chunks... Yes, it could work nicely...


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