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Unsung 11th Armoured Deployment Week 6 28/02/2020 @ 18:30 UTC


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Mission Name:

Unsung 11th Armoured Deployment Week 5


Server Details:


Port: 2302


Mods Required:

TFAR_Beta, CBA_A3, Unsung, Ace, AceX


HTML preset:

Ahoy Unsung.html



Recommended Mods:

ShackTac User Interface




TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 39 (3 Squads of 11,  command, and vortex )


Role Descriptions for Platoon and Lead elements:



Platoon Leader: Overall commander of all friendly forces and responsible coordinating the smooth execution of the mission and directing the flow of battle. Platoon Leaders act as a focal point for all information in the AO. Lose the Platoon Leader, Coordination and Situational Awareness soon deteriorate.


Platoon Sgt: Platoon 2 I/C (2nd in command) there to aid the Platoon Leader in directing the flow of battle. If Platoon Leader becomes incapacitated the Platoon Sgt steps up (In this campaign is also an engineer to reduce the size of Platoon team).


Platoon RTO: Platoon Radio Telephone Operators are responsible for the smooth, expeditious and correct transmission of information to and from Platoon HQ. RTOs also have the responsibility to coordinate all air assets, give real time information to the Platoon Leader (fuel/ammunition, and of what type remaining) and coordinate air support with forward ground units.


Platoon Medic: Responsible for the medical needs of the Platoon HQ and supplementing the individual medical capabilities of any squad when needed. Medics are the exception to the "rifleman first" ethos. You cannot treat the casualty if you are the casualty.


Squad Leader: Leader of their squad, and responsible for executing orders given by the Platoon HQ. Duties involve organising the squad, and ensuring relay of all information to and from Platoon HQ. As with Platoon Leader they act as the focal point for all information for the squad.


Team Leader: Responsible for the execution of the Squad Leaders command and the effective use and the 4 men in their team. The senior Team Leader in a squad will also act as 2 I/C of the Squad, should squad Leader become incapacitated.



Following a successful assault on the enemy positions around the village of Hoa Hoi, you withdrew to FBS Scobie to rearm and rest.

Through documents found on site, and aerial reconnaissance carried out by Vortex we have identified the location of the landing zone the NVA are now using to bring men and equipment into the area. Your next task is to push North from the FSB through enemy held territory and disable the enemies ability to use this method of reinforcement. Thanks to our recent efforts to aid the civilian population we have gained further intel. We know that their is no civilian presence in the area except for possible prisoners. We have also learned the enemy hold a QRF style force in the area of what was FSB Toby before it was abandoned. Finally, we know from descriptions by civilians and reports from pilots that the NVA have setup several ZSU style AA positions in and around the heliport at Hoa Hien.


Friendly Forces:

US 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

Army of the Republic of Vietnam (A.R.V.N.)



UH-1D Iroquois (Slick) X 4

UH-1C/M21 X 2 (Armed Huey)

CH-47A Chinook X 2

A-7D Corsair II(CAS) X 2

A-1H Skyraider (CAS) X 2

AH-1G Cobra X 1

M-113 ACAV (M2) 

M-113 ACAV (Transport)

M-577 Ambulance

Various ground transport and support vehicles



Enemy Forces:

National Liberation Front (Việt Cộng)

People's Army of Vietnam (P.A.V.N.)




Civilians are concentrated around towns and villages.





Push North and destroy the enemy heliport at Hoa Hien. Watch out for QRF from the area of FSB Toby.






Assault the heliport at Hoa Hien.

Clear the AA threat from the ZSU cannons.



Movement Plan:

At Commanders discretion


Rules of Engagement:

Armed personnel may be engaged on sight.

Civilians are present in the area so collateral damage is to be kept to a minimum.

Only buildings clearly being used for a military purpose may be engaged.

Civilian life must be protected (Hearts and minds)


Optional Tasks:

Provide any necessary support to civilians in the area.


Admin & Logistics



At the commander’s control, assets are available at base to facilitate this.




At commanders discretion, transport assets are available.



Command & Control



Overall command lays with codename "Overlord" who will set objectives and ROE.

Operational control on the ground lies with the Platoon Commander.



Radio channels are set for each element and can be viewed as part of the Diary accessible through the map . Platoon has limited discretion for change but structure is to be maintained.


Good Morning Vietnam!!



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