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Arma 3 Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany


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Unlikely, due to the nature of this DLC being essentially a paid mod (creator DLC). The problem with that is unlike the APEX, marksmen and all other bohemia DLCs, which allow you to utilise the assets in the server even when non-owners of the DLCs are present, the Global Mobilisation makes it so that only people who own the DLC can play on the server. There is a compatibility data for non-owners, which allows them to connect to servers running global mobilisation, but it is a roughly 20GB workshop item and the idea of EU1 is to be open to large number of players without requiring them to download mods.

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The design philosophy on I&A 4 (if not I&A 3, though I can't really speak to that one) is that the mission is intended to be able to be as widely played as possible, meaning we try to use assets which don't require DLC.


I personally don't have Global Mobilization, as I wasn't hugely impressed by it, so I have no motivation to design for it. :) 

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