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[EU2] Unsung 11th Armoured Deployment Week 1 24/01/2020 @ 18:30 UTC


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Mission Name:

[EU2] Unsung 11th Armoured Deployment Week 1


Server Details:


Port: 2302


Mods Required:

TFAR_Beta, CBA_A3, Unsung, Ace, AceX


HTML preset:

Ahoy Unsung.html



Recommended Mods:

ShackTac User Interface




TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 39 (3 Squads of 11,  command, and vortex )




You are part of the 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army, currently serving in Vietnam. We are base in the province of Vung Tau East of Ho Chi Minh City. We are tasked with holding this province and driving out the NVA and VC forces from this area. The airport at Vung Tau is of strategic importance and is our number 1 priority. Its operations can not be compromised.To defend the area we have setup many FSBs to exert our influence on the area. We have just received word that one of these FSBs named Arrow is under attack from NVA forces and are running low on supplies. Our attempts to resupply them by air have failed due to the presence of enemy AA weapons. The 11th ACR have been tasked with rolling in and breaking the siege. Get it done.


Friendly Forces:

US 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

Army of the Republic of Vietnam (A.R.V.N.)



UH-1D Iroquois (Slick) X 4

UH-1C/M21 X 2 (Armed Huey)

CH-47A Chinook X 2

A-7D Corsair II(CAS) X 2

A-1H Skyraider (CAS) X 2

AH-1G Cobra X 1

M-113 ACAV (M2) 

M-113 ACAV (Transport)

M-577 Ambulance

Various ground transport and support vehicles



Enemy Forces:

National Liberation Front (Việt Cộng)

People's Army of Vietnam (P.A.V.N.)




Civilians are concentrated around towns and villages.




Patrol out from main base to break the siege on FSB Arrow. Once the attack has been defeated counter attack and destroy the enemies staging area.






Patrol from the Airbase at Vung Tau Airport 

Break the Siege on FSB Arrow

Counter attack the enemy once their attack has been broken

Push and clear their staging area


Movement Plan:

At Commanders discretion


Rules of Engagement:

Armed personnel may be engaged on sight.

Civilians are present in the area so collateral damage is to be kept to a minimum.

Only buildings clearly being used for a military purpose may be engaged.

Civilian life must be protected (Hearts and minds)


Optional Tasks:

Provide any necessary support to civilians in the area.


Admin & Logistics



At the commander’s control, assets are available at base to facilitate this.




At commanders discretion, transport assets are available.



Command & Control



Overall command lays with codename "Overlord" who will set objectives and ROE.

Operational control on the ground lies with the Platoon Commander.



Radio channels are set for each element and can be viewed as part of the Diary accessible through the map . Platoon has limited discretion for change but structure is to be maintained.


Good Morning Vietnam!!

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