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Free Weekender Roundhouse Call


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This  is a topic for people that played on AW EU1# while the free weekend was live (17.01-20.01)

in order to voice up with ratings, made experiences, feedback and alike.


I'm actually curious if all that madness has lasted us any benefit.

I met some nice people, some crazy nubkins and a shitload of reasons to not stop drinking and smoking when playing EU1#.



Out of all FWs posting here I ll pick one winner and I ll pay him/her a ARMA 3 DLC of his/her choice!!!

(females get 150%bonus on my pick)




Go! Go! Go!









Tricksters, WorkArounders and Leechers will be prosecuted by God's given Law and the Law of Texas, Africa.

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The first and obvious benefit was increased players numbers. 

As an admin / mod that obviously also means an increased workload. Apart from the obvious trouble makers and the dealing there off I sincerely hope that the new guys trying out Arma 3 also saw that the staff team was working hard to maintain fluent game play. How to measure this is a different matter tho, I'm sure many of the players during the free weekend hopped servers and sampled what Arma 3 has to offer and they might never visit this forum.


P.S. I'm obviously not a FW (Free Weekender?) so I opt out of the DLC draw!

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Hey there. Idk where to start but here I go, I was an FW last weekend and decided it's time for me to buy my dream game Arma 3, ita been 4 years since I watched the first Arma video of but I'm living the experience now finally. I have to say that it's a hard game 😂, had a few bumps here and there, killed a 2 teammates and I'm so sorry I'm not a mean person but I didn't respond cuz I didn't know how to 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. It's been 6 days now and I'm training to be a pilot too and today I didn't kill any of my teammates so that might be asign that I'm getting better on using my map to

P-ID the targets before engaging ig.

And I have to say people here and on discord have been very helpful, I hope I can soon use the mic and chill with you guys. Thank you and I really mean it, thank you for a great week.

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8 hours ago, TheScar said:




1st tribute  errr i ment entry noted - welcome to the forums !

on a side note - you are aware that the KARTS DLC is best DLC




I know right, I was about to buy it but I mean I have F1 2019 😂. I bought tac ops on it's place.

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1 hour ago, TheScar said:

I will let this run untill upcoming Monday,27.01 12.55 so exactly 7 days total.

If no more people post up you win by default and i will PM you and gift ya via Steam.

What was your ingame name,btw?


My ingame name is Hamza A. (that is what shows up when i send texts in the text box and i log in to the server)

I was just playing but left annoyingly cuz internet connection went down two times.....

Never happened to me before 😔

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Hear ye,hear ye !


All loyal subjects of the Altian hemisphere

are herby noticed

by royal proclamation

of the selection of a winner

to thee Free Weekenders DLC competition

this very day

in his honor


Prince  XxHamzaASxX


being awarded the chance

of taking ma muney

and spend it on his benefit


for he shall be a loyal follower of the ARMAverse


Your humble servant

the Grand Scar















also,moderators :

#lock topic pls

Edited by TheScar
speech adjustments
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