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Vietnam: To Ace or not to Ace


Vietnam: To Ace or not to Ace  

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  1. 1. Should we add Ace to the remainder of the Vietnam campaign?

    • Yes, delay start by 1 week and add ace for Vietnam Phase 2
    • No, don't add ace for Vietnam, but maybe for the next campaign
    • No ace at all

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  • Poll closed on 01/15/2020 at 05:00 PM

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So it has been brought up that we could add Ace to the Vietnam campaign, I have no issue with this so I wanted to put it out there to you guys for your opinion.


The reason we didn't add ace to begin with was to make the mission accessible to as much of the community as possible. However, I think at this stage the people interested in these missions have already downloaded Unsung which is pretty hefty and likely won't have an issue downloading/using ace.


Adopting Ace in Vietnam will have a significant effect on the difficulty, pacing and balance. On top of this I would have to delay the next mission by 1 week to allow for updates and testing to the mission file. All of which is not really a problem just something to consider if we decide to use Ace.


So I put it to you, do we;


  1. Delay the mission by 1 week and adopt Ace
  2. Do not adopt Ace for Vietnam but maybe for future campaigns
  3. Forget Ace altogether 

Poll will be open until 17.00UTC Wednesday.




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Hey, although i'm not so happy with the addition of ACE to the Vietnam campaign, I will eventually accept voting results and give it a try. 
But please allow me one question: Why you'd like to bring ACE to the campaign? What's the benefit? 
I already watched the Twitch from last two sunday missions and i'm not sure about if I like what I saw or not. (regarding medical system)

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@Noah_Hero Thanks, we have been working with the new medical system and getting to grips with it since it's release. I've used Ace a lot in the past and have been considering the effects it will have on any mission before setting this poll. The goal is for the missions to be fun and inclusive for the whole community.


@SCHUBZ From the outside adding Ace can seem daunting but I assure you that it is a very useful and rewarding mod.

The medical is obviously the biggest change from the outside and it will take some adjustment from the Zeus and the players but it is my aim to keep the missions fun and casual while also giving players the added depth and functionality that Ace adds.


If we do adopt Ace, as the current poll results would be leaning towards, we would look to making sure everyone had an opportunity to get some training in using the ace functionality, if they want/need it.


If you guys have any questions or reservations please let me know.



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7 hours ago, Noah_Hero said:

Just a reminder for everyone: ACE just got the new medical system and stuff changed significantly. So if you want to add ACE you really gotta be carefull with the settings to keep it a casual-fun-experience.👍


we have already worked on the settings that produce the best experiance since this update and have run 2 operations publically with these settings  :D

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The biggest change, be it a draw back or benefit, is the slower pace of handling casualties and thus the whole mission.


I'm sure the balancing is a little different in Unsung mod compared to the Altis campaign since were basically using olive green shirts as body armour and the helmets are made out of cardboard! ;)

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ACE is a game changer and I can't imagine ArmA without it.


Even with a basic medical, the enhanced balistics and A C T U A L  S H R A P N E L are amazing amongst other things.


I would be very careful adopting it with its current compatibility issues however, be sure to give it a thorough test. (I understand you have some preset settings, just make sure it works with the Unsung mod)

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19 hours ago, MidnightRunner said:

@Lindi yea the balancing will have to change to match the new pacing, as Zeus I'll have to deal with that.

It's not a massive change but still something that I have to be aware of when setting up a mission.

Don't worry though, you will still be scared to go back into the jungle :P



I always am, but having my trusty MLAW with me makes me feel a little better! :)

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