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Joining the AhoyWorld Multi-Session Operation(s)

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So you want to join the AWMSO? That's great! We are currently accepting all new members so long as you are ready to follow the rules and participate as a team. You'll be pleased to know the process is very simple and I've even catorised it into five main steps:




STEP 1: (TeamSpeak talk)

First thing's first, let's have a chat! Now don't be intimidated by how this step may sound, it is simply a short talk together in a channel on TeamSpeak, preferably with an MSO Team member (such as myself or @kennychr), to discuss some core attributes and foundations of the AWMSO. Any experienced player (such as @Minipily, @Jochem, @Noah_Hero, @applechaser) would also be able discuss these topics, just be sure to ask them first.

You'll probably be wondering what the purpose of this seemingly strange step is. At its heart, it simply allows you to introduce yourself and for us to welcome you into the group. Socialising is a complementary part of AWMSO experience and it really wouldn't be the same without it. However, this step is also important in ensuring the MSO is right for you. We don't like the idea of new players downloading mods and going through the efforts of joining just to find out they don't like the server after all.


This TeamSpeak talk is our preferred way of getting new players into the action, as well as meeting new friends, so please feel free to jump into the TeamSpeak server at any point to try and grab one of us! It's a tad sloppy but this may change in the future, as for now, try to follow the steps.

STEP 2: (mod downloads)

Now for the good stuff; the modpack! The AWMSO uses the Steam Workshop to install mods. Instead of listing each individual mod used, we simply put them all into one big Steam Workshop Collection for everyone to see. When you've opened the link to the collection, you'll need to subscribe to all the mods listed there. The server is on a strict whitelist system, so if you are running with any extra mods, or missing any mods from the collection, you won't be able to join.

Here is the link to the AWMSO Steam Workshop Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1492965896

You can subscribe to all the mods in the collection at once by pressing "+Subscribe to all" as shown highlighted here:1581562783_Step2.thumb.png.8ffa7af4ca6b6a5fd2f01059b218b0e0.png

This collection will be regularly updated by Christiansen depending on the current or future campaign. You will have to manually unsubscribe from any mods we stop using and re-subscribe to any new mods we add to the collection. Steam will not do it automatically.

You can also favorite the collection if you wish to find it more easily through your own Steam profile.

STEP 4: (mod installation)

So you've got the mods, now you just need to run Arma with them. Since we're using the Steam Workshop for downloading the mods, we use the official ArmA 3 Launcher to select which mods we want to use out of the ones we have downloaded.


- Open the ArmA 3 Launcher (below) by simply starting ArmA 3.



- Once open, simply tick all the mods listed in the collection. You will have to do this manually, checking the collection for the mod name, then ticking that mod on the launcher. (Below I have only ticked six mods so far, for demonstration)1834855848_Step4-1.thumb.png.1cac4f7d738462d056b9591e6aa2f0f2.png


- If you're like me and only have AWMSO Workshop Collection mods installed (no extra, unlisted mods), you can select the launcher option "Load all" to simply tick ("load") all mods at once.

- There are many other cool options for launching Arma through this method (check out the "PARAMETERS" tab) but as long as you've got all the correct mods loaded you should be good to go.

- Once all correct mods are selected, click the bottom left option to "PLAY WITH MODS".

- When launching, you should be greeted with an ACRE installation popup. ACRE is a realistic radio mod we use on the MSO. You'll need to have any instances of TeamSpeak closed for this mod to install itself automatically as it uses a plugin on TeamSpeak to work. If you've installed ACRE in the past, you may not see this popup, meaning it should already be installed.


STEP 5: (joining the server)

You've met the gang, you've got all the mods, now all that's left is to join the server. There are a couple of ways to go about this, but for this demonstration I'll show you the most simple.

- Select "SERVER BROWSER" option from the "MULTIPLAYER" tab at the top of the main menu screen (shown below).



- Then select the "DIRECT CONNECT" tab at the top of the "SERVER BROWSER" screen. You'll be asked for the server's Address and Port (shown below), which for the AWMSO is (Address: Port2402)



- After you have clicked "JOIN" you will also be prompted to enter a password, which for the AWMSO server is: " nope "


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