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Hi my name is Wraith and I am an Armaholic, plus my gaming channel :)


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Whats good guys, I love playing Invade & Annex on Ahoyworld with you fine people here in this awesome community, you would know me by Wraith on the servers if we ever played together. Sitting here in my Statisics night class really wishing I could be slinging virtual lead with all my fellow Armaholics right now. I have been filming with FRAPS on AHOY and filmed 60gb of 1080p Invade & Annex the other day and made some new friends, so I figured I would become part of this community, and hopefully I can help expand & improve it with my youtube channel, and missions I work on in the Editor.  I wish I could post an awesome video here for you all in this thread, of some awesome footage of a multitude of talented players, but I have not had the time to piece all those 30 second clips( there is a literall fuckton of them from Ahoy) into a edited movie file yet, but I promise as soon as it uploads I will post it here on these forums before doing anything else, even playing Arma/DayZ :P
If you love/like the Arma series, DayZ, War of Roses (excellent mediveal combat game) or gaming in general, be sure to check out my channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/WraithTheDayZBandit , if you want to squad up my steam name is the same thing, feel free to add me. Also any constructive criticism on making better gaming videos is appreciated, its started as a fun little nifty hobby so I could brag to my friends a little, but when you think about it, we may not be able to play Arma together forever, servers come and go, but when a game is recoreded, it is forever cherished, so naturally I want them to look their best. Take care guys, I will see you on the battlefield!

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