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[suggestion] Protect Spawn Area From Ground Vehicles


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It's awesome that aw servers have become so popular, we have met a lot of great people, but this also makes the servers a preferred target for immature players and script kiddies. Lately I have seen team killing problems on all aw servers every time I join. The main problem and the most annoying is people running over other players with cars on the spawn area.


I've been thinking about a solution for this and I think there are a few options. The most obvious is just to barrier off the spawn area with sandbags and concrete fences (http://www.antihelios.de/EK/Arma/images/Land_CncBarrier_F.jpg I think these stop cars but players can still vault over them to get out).


Another solution could be to just disable the car engine when entering the area, but that would also lock the car there and it wont be able to get out. I think setVelocity could be used to create an invisible fence that will not allow cars to get in. I will update this thread if I can get some code sample done.

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Those will not stop hunters and Ifrits, only ATV's


This is what I had in mind:



Leaving enough space for players to vault over it but not for cars, but it's just an idea anyway. There are other objects that could be used to fence the spawn area.


oooh another idea, put up a warning sign, set velocity up and away from spawn... throw them out, muahahahaha


Yea thats what I wanted to do, I didn't have much time to test it well yet, here's a sample mission to show the idea of using setVelocity: http://www.sendspace.com/file/7tuj52 Try to run over the friendly squad in front of where you spawn, the vehicle should "bounce" out and you wont be allowed to enter the area. But it only works on one direction, if you come from the other side you can pass by the trigger anyway. I will try to see how to use the vehicle direction to make it work on all sides of the trigger.


I used _veh setVelocity [0,20,0]; to stop the vehicle, a value lower than 20 lets the vehicle pass, 20 seems to stop it no matter the vehicle speed. You should try putting 120 or some high value like that, the vehicle bounces back at like 500kmh, its pretty funny.

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