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Hat Films Play AW Invade & Annex :D


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It's not on any of our servers. :-(


Soo? We distribute the map for free to allow people to play it with their own friends on their own servers... as a result of this it appears on the lovely Hat Films Youtube channel... what's not to like? :) 

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2:38 into the video Smith says 'The game mode we are playing right now is called Invade and Annex, it's an awesome game mode where we fight against AI enemies'. There's also plenty of times where you can see the loading screen. 


I think that one of their community members set up the server so they might not have known how much development has gone into the map. Anyhoo, Trottimus, djh3max and alsmiffy are down to earth, friendly chaps, I'm sure if someone pings em a nice email they'll add a link to the description :) 

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