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War for Altis - prologue Modded Zeus Op 05/01/20 @ 17:00 UTC


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People wanted a modded gamenight and so you shall have it. Join for a fun, immersive*, teamplay-oriented experience in a zeus mission led by me. All players are welcome, regardless of prior experience with mods, so do not be afraid to join and have fun. There will be a quick introduction to ACE and its features for all who haven't had prior experience with it.

*if you're fine with a bit of political fiction





17:00 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)


Introduction Political fiction inbound

            The island of Altis has a history full of violence, as does the rest of the Altis Archipelago. During the Cold War, Altis fell into Soviet sphere of influence, which was welcomed by some of its people and resented by others. A short lived insurgency against the communist rule was quickly ended, not without help from Soviet troops. With the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, Altis regained some of its lost freedom, but it would not be an end to unrest on the island. In fact, it would only get worse.

            The original government decided to keep close bonds with Russia, but it quickly became apparent that the government has no way of remaining in power. Over the years Altis would gradually drift away from Russia and towards NATO, as its external politics stabilized. Nothing stabilized internally, however. Since 1991 Altis experienced multiple snap elections, political assassinations, mass shootings and two attempted coups. "Altian clock" - originally a comedic gag inspired by "the doomsday clock" - is counting down time to Altis descending into chaos, and people look at it with concern. The unrest on the island made for fertile ground in which to plant dangerous ideas. Ideas that are poison to the society, ideas that can only result in more violence. And with recent geological surveys suggesting presence of uranium on the island, Russia once more turns it's gaze towards Altis, which - one could say - "rightfully" belonged to them.

            Now Altis is on the brink of civil war. Rebellion has taken root on the island. The rebels were swayed by the poisonous words of the anarchists to take up arms against the government. It is almost certain that they are backed by the international organization, who call themselves "Freedom" - a large group regarded by most countries as terrorists, anarchists. Freedom fights to overthrow all governments, all systems of justice, all that which in their view limits the freedom of an individual. There is no proof of their involvement on Altis, but the rebellion seems to share their viewpoint, and it is certain that they are funded by an external power - most likely Freedom, but suspicion also falls on Russia.

            Situation on the island is likely to worsen, as Altian Army struggles to deal with the insurgency. The government tries to seek help abroad. The corporate-funded mercenary group "Gatekeeper" refused cooperation, as it seems Russia offered them a much better contract to avoid their involvement with Altian government. The international task force "Epsilon" operating under NATO banner and dedicated to counteracting global terrorism threats refused involvement for now, uncertain of the situation on Altis. The only hope of bringing them into the fray is to find definite proof of Freedom's involvement. USA and UK agreed to send equipment to support the Altian army, as well as a token military force, which is yet to arrive. The only open offer of "help" came from Russia, but the government was forced to reject it. Despite that, the Russian military is clearly on the move, as the bear is sensing an opportunity.  This caused concern in NATO and so the scene is set...

            With NATO and Russian forces approaching the island in turmoil and a terrorist organization seemingly acting from behind the scenes, it seems all ingredients for a disaster have been added to the cauldron. It is only a matter of time before it starts to boil.

            The Altian clock shows two minutes to midnight...




The assets

Player faction: Altian military

Player slots: 32

- PLATCO - 4-man command element and armored command vehicle
- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each (4-man fireteam, 3-man maneuver team + engineer - effectively two 4-man fireteams)
- Deimos - BMP-1P IFV - 2-man crew (Gunner/commander and driver)
- Support team - 2-man team equipped with either an HMG or recoilless rifle, at commander's discretion
- Various wheeled transport vehicles

There will be no arsenal, players are given custom loadouts. Resupply will be possible.
Despite using a mix of western and russian weaponry, squad layouts are organised so that there should always be someone who uses the same ammo type.



The mission

The goal is to put an end to insurgent activity in the area. The rebels have attacked the town of Abdera, most likely to retaliate against the civilians loyal to the government. We are also expecting the insurgents to have several camps, outposts or weapon caches in the area. We must retake the town, and find and neutralize any insurgent threat in it's vicinity. Safety of civilians is a priority. Securing intel or capturing insurgents for interrogation could also prove beneficial to our efforts. We should also be ready to counter any insurgent movements in response to our actions and be on the lookout for possible proof of Freedom's involvement in the insurgency.

The modset

We will be using BAF, RHS, ACE and TFAR and associated compatibility patches. To make it extra easy, here's a colection link:




Just a prologue?

If people like it and want more, this will likely evolve into a zeus campaign, with a player-driven story and future missions influenced by your efforts, successes and failures. You will get the opportunity to play as Altians, Americans and British and face unique enemy commanders with personalized command styles. It will aim to be the best possible mixture of fun, immersive and challenging.


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This is the first gamenight I've seen in a very very long time with quite an interesting and well thoughtout story. Bravo @JANXOL!


The modset associated with this mission also looks like a spicy recipe for some intense combat.


Preset loadouts and a mix of NATO and RusFOR weaponry is going to be amazing also, exactly the sort of thing you'd see on an island such as this, especially with its past. As someone who is deeply involved with the lore behind ArmA III, your fictional story is not completely out of the ordinary actually, that only hightens my interest.


I'm looking forward to it actually, I think I'd love the opportunity to lead but I'll wait to sign up.


Good idea with starting with a prologue with the opportunity of a campaign also, I think people will probably like it but good idea not to hold a false promise if things go sour.


Will client side mods such as DynaSound, Enhanced Soundscape and Blastcore be available?

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18 minutes ago, kman said:

Also what server will be used? AWE is closed no ?


I'm assuming TS used will by AhoyWorld AWE ?

AFAIK the server we be called "[AhoyWorld.net] EU#2 Zeus Operations [TFAR]", which will be hosted on the IP AWE used to be hosted on but that is currently also being used by both EU2 gamenights and MSO ( and the teamspeak channel will be the "EU2 Zeus Operations [TFAR]". 

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4 hours ago, Stanhope said:

AFAIK the server we be called "[AhoyWorld.net] EU#2 Zeus Operations [TFAR]", which will be hosted on the IP AWE used to be hosted on but that is currently also being used by both EU2 gamenights and MSO ( and the teamspeak channel will be the "EU2 Zeus Operations [TFAR]". 

Honestly your info could be correct but I'm not entirely sure.... I'll update about an hour before the event

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