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Not too much.


AW has a discord, for discordery things.


AWE is gone.


EU2 now does some fairly regular zues missions.


EU1 is pretty much the same old bonkers land it is - though some day™ I&A4 is coming out that should make things a little more exciting, think Ryko does some mission tests every now and again.


MSO is running well, with a new campaign and some new faces here and there, feel free to drop in if you want some Serious Fun Modded Gameplay.


In terms of AW leadership, the past couple years since a few things got shut down has been a bit crazy. Not quite sure who's steering the ship, think the whole "owner" thing got scrapped and staff are sharing the helm so that should help transparency a little.


I'd just delve in and get an idea for yourself. Hopefully 2020 will shine a light over the opportunity gateway, perhaps you can be one to help open it.

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