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Make Xi'an more common



It's very rare to see the Xi'an from side missions, you see more CAS jets tham Xi'an. While I do understand that there's a few amount of pilots that can fly the beauty, but I really enjoy flying it and it's way more fun when troop transporting. And if it's too op, than at least make unarmed one more common.

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Thank you for your request @gustis40g , and an apology that it has taken this long to get back to you.


After reviewing this request with the Public Moderation team, we have decided to implement the Xian at the AAC airfield FOB, in replacement for the pawnee that currently spawns there. WIth this, the Xian will still have some rarity, as the FOB is required, but otherwise it will be much more common, as your requests insists. The xian that will spawn at AAC will be unarmed, in an attempt to mitigate Uncalled CAS.

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