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Enemy HMG ifrit

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A certain percentage of enemy vehicles should be HMG ones. GMGs are not really that dangerous. It takes a while for the grenade to land so you can move around quite easy to avoid it. I don't know if they increased AI precision after last upgrade (ifrits have disappeared) but the precision was really bad over a distance if you were laying still too. They often hit several meters in front of you.

Before I found AW I was playing on servers that had HMG ifrits, and they were quite deadly. The crew didn't have a high fire rate, an issue with GMG too, but the rounds hit almost instantly and very precise. They also shot at helicopters.

Disclaimer: I don't suggest this because I want to capture ifrits to have a more powerful vehicle, you can have the ammo removed or limited on captured enemy HMG as far as I'm concerned. I just don't think the GMG ones are dangerous enough for players and I would like to try and see if the HMG ones are.

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GMGs not dangerous!?


I remember the massive clusterfuck at Camp Tempest one time. A single GMG screwed the entire team for about 30 minutes. We had two KA-60s up and one littlebird, I was flying a KA-60, and the other KA-60 pilot and I were landed at Tempest just after its AO got finished, then the next AO popped up as Girna, and a GMG spawned around 300m away from us on the ridgeline. I was like 'Guys hurry the hell up or walk, the next AO's Girna and they're spawning on that ridge' I was lifting off and was around 3m above the ground, then a single GMG round hit me square in the middle of the rotors, and I went down. The other pilot got shot too, and when we tried to get back to them, the littlebird pilot got shot when we were on the ground, so we had all three operational choppers downed in Tempest. We took the spare two littlebirds, and promptly got shot out each time we tried to land at Tempest. Took pretty much everyone on the server to try and secure that one valley.

Server was without air for 30 minutes. All because of one fuckin' GMG.


I agree with you though, it'd be nice if it wasn't always GMGs. 

(Whatever you do don't give the super-AI .50 cal sniper rifles D: )

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