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Campaign Four [Lythium]


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Map: Lythium
Mission: ALiVE
Type: Counter Insurgency (CoIn)
Friendly faction: United States Marine Corps (USMC)
Enemy faction: Middle-Eastern Insurgents
Other faction: Afghanistan National Army (ANA)
Starting position: (wip)
Starting date: 27/07/2019
Ending date: 20/08/2019

Status: Defeat
"Although much progress was made by the U.S. Marine forces into the region for the first half of the conflict, prolonged fighting ground allied forces to a halt, locking both sides into tug-of-war battles over territories such as Morut. A failed last ditch effort by the Marines to kill or capture the Taliban force's leader in a strategically fortified town resulted in multitudes of American casualties and the capture of Cpl. Johnson who's current location is unknown, suspected torture and intel-loss.

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