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Hey there! Davey here!


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Hey guys,


My name is Davey, and I am a (currently) 20 y/o pal from The Netherlands; yup, where everyone smokes weed, where everyone is walking on wooden shoes, and most importantly, where everyone is smelling tulips while eating cheese all day. Yeah, that country.

In the free time that I have, offcourse besides playing ARMA 3 too much, I am a freelance cinematographer, photographer, 3D artist and low key graphic designer.

I run my own business since december 2018.


Funfact: The reason why I finally have made my forum account is due to a ban appeal from TS3 <idk what I did wrong xD> EDIT: I now know


Even though I am a self-thaught in the Editor pilot, I still would like to improve my flying even more, just the control that you have in the air, and the enjoyment you can deliver to others when dropping them as close as possible to the AO's gives me a rush!

And well, that's basically me :)

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8 minutes ago, Stanhope said:

Seeing how this is not a ban appeal I can freely comment here: putting a discord invite link in your disconnect message is not the smartest idea.


Welcome to the forums though.

Omfg! I haven't been using Teamspeak for over 2 years, I totally forgot I still had that in there... I feel like a freaking idiot now.

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