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AW I&A 3 Structural Planning


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Hiya folks,


As the beta draws closer, it's time we thought about the future of I&A. Built from the beginning of the Alpha, it's been created to quickly follow updates and hug the ever-updating curve that is the development of ArmA 3. However, we want to make I&A a more long-standing, expandable mission and to do that we need to plan.


I&A 3 will be the definitive version, allowing us to churn out content more easily than ever before and provide a smooth experience for players, administrators and developers alike.


This weekend will be host to a number of I&A 3 meetings to decide on every element of the user experience. The dev team will then go away and work out how all this will work in the back-end while also keeping the mission easily-expandable for other developers and providing inexperienced users with easy ways to add content such as Side Missions, Sub Objectives, Main AO Objectives, Priority Targets and brand new Ghost Missions.


If you would like to be a part of these talks, please state your interest as soon as possible and be sure to be in TeamSpeak at the required time. The first talks will be:

  • Saturday 8th June
    16:00 - 19:00 GMT
  • Sunday 9th June
    11:00 - 14:00 GMT

These times are subject to change if key members cannot attend, so make sure to check back here in case of any updates.


Thank you in advance, fellas.

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Thank you for all that attended the meetings. Your input was absolutely golden and we've made great progress towards a solid structure. Details will be released publicly when we have everything set in stone.

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