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Community Update #7

Mark T

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I think this whole year has been a tough one for us all.


Myself and the rest of the gang all seem to have something going on now or through the year which has been a bit of a pain.


Regardless of all that, thank you for sticking by us all and continuing the work where the stars align, we're all grateful.


Thanks for your work Mark, I haven't had the chance to speak to you much but I never doubted how important you have been in the community.


Heres to 2020! I hope that after a much needed Christmas break for us all, the community can rise back up and look forward to what will hopefully be a brilliant year for AhoyWorld.


P.S: @mastif0 should get a freaking award for how much he's donated in the past month or so.

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This goes to @Mark T , @Lindi , @MidnightRunner and to @Norris you where always there when Support was needet. If it was a question or something else you where always there to help. I think this sort of support is the reason why Ahoyworld will have a great 2020 with peoples like you who make the comunity great again :)

cya on the Battlefield


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January 15th 2019 was my first public server experience in Arma 3. EU1. I was miles out of my depth, but got hooked quickly. I haven't yet felt like I needed to go anywhere else in Arma. So from the perspective of someone who has never been in any of the admin type channels, it has looked like you've run a pretty tight ship with minimal bullshit rolling down to where us mooks would notice. No pressure on the next person!

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Goddamn - reading over the replies here makes it sound you gone to heaven last week.

HE AINT DEAD PEOPLE - just off CoreStaff and all the duty and responsability that comes with it. 😄


That being said,there isnt much i want to add other than the people above me already mentioned and the quote below sums it up quite nicely:


13 hours ago, WinterMute said:

it has looked like you've run a pretty tight ship with minimal bullshit rolling down






Then again, - there ´s 2 things i want you to know Mark :

  • you one of the few people on AHOY that heard me talk (and that i had a "conversation" with)


  • you one of the very few people i regret removing from my friends list on Steam in a moment of anger and letdown


Job well done  and enjoy the time off duty,Mark

It´s been a pleasure 👍


And not to forget,you still owe me something:




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  • 4 months later...
On 11/26/2019 at 5:11 PM, Noah_Hero said:

You definitly always were one of the best staff members and had an open ear for feedback. Thanks for that but without that penguin-picture you wont get a like from me!;) #bringbackPenguinMark 🐧

@Mark T, I just noticed that you've got the Penguin-pic back so as promised you'll now get that like from me🐧😌

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