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In Win Unveils Tou Tempered Glass Case


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This thing is sexy! If it isn't too expensive, I will defiantly be picking one up!


The 3mm thick safety glass is tempered so when the system is powered down it appears mirror-like, but when your system is up and running you can see through it. It is a pretty interesting idea and definitely the best case we have seen so far come out of Computex. This is a full tower case so it will support ATX motherboards.






EDIT: This video states it all.



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My first thought exactly Fergie !


My second thought, that a strange shape


My third thought, hey i start liking this....


My current thought, i might not buy this myself, but it does look kinda cool, and i can see a market for this ! Intresting case !



BAMBI: i bet your watercooler would fit nicely in here ... ?

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I really like some of the crazy designs in-win come out with, the D-frame is a particular favourite of mine. This one however O_o it's a bit on the shard edges side of my liking.


Looks like it should be involved in some kind of male shaving/grooming advert. 

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