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Hello, I am CandorChampion. Found your servers while looking through Arma 3. Jumped in and had a blast.


I'm 21 years old, currently living in a small town in Texas. 


I don't really do anything for right now besides play video games. I am in the process of enlisting in the USAF as security forces. 


Been playing Arma since Arma 2 came out. But I used to play OFP on PC when it came out.


Ingame, I am best as a fixed wing pilot or infantry. I can fly helos. But out of practice after leaving my last clan, United BattleGuns (UBG).

As an infantryman, I am best suited with GL's and demolitions.


In Realitiy (Such a terrible thing. I know.) 

I am a moderately successful digital artist. I mostly draw anthro furs and on occasion MLP style equines.

I regularly practice with firearms. Both rifle and pistol. Just to shoot mostly and practice for life in the military.

I'm usually on IRC servers just chatting with people and sometimes build and program computers. Don't know too much about scripting. But I want to learn one day.


Anyways, If you want to know anything else. Just ask away and I'll answer. See you when our boots hit the ground and yell out, "GET SOME!"


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Welcome buddy!


It just so happens I ordered some sun galsses from Texas yesterday, perhaps you can tell me how the quality of randolph aviators are down your end :P


Hope too see you around. 

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Anyways, If you want to know anything else. Just ask away and I'll answer.


Yes I have a question, WTF is an "anthro furs and MLP style equines."


Your from TEXAS BY GAWD so it cant be all bad.


These limeys are too polite to ask. ;)

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Hello fellow Arma comrades. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Been a little busy with enlisting and doing work around my house. Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be back after Wed. I have a massive order of computer parts coming. Well not that big. I'm basically rebuilding my computer in another case. Simply transferring my mobo and HDD. Got another case, graphics card (GeForce 560 Ti Boost), CPU cooler (Corsair H60 prefilled liquid cooler), fans, new mouse, PSU and misc. items. Hoping to be back after the Beta launch. Until then, Stay Frosty and get some.

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