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[EU2] Tunnel Snakes Rule 01/11/19 @ 18:30 UTC


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Mission Name:

[EU2] Tunnel Snakes Rule

18:30 UTC

Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)

Player Slots: 20 (5 teams of 4 SF operators)



Malden 2035 


Server Details:


Port: 2302


Mods Required:

TFAR_Beta Installation Guide



TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net




You are part of a NATO SF task force that specialise in working behind enemy lines for the purpose of dismantling terror cells before they can strike. While on our long awaited leave in the Mediterranean we were ordered to report to a local NATO base. Military Intelligence has found evidence that an infamous terror cell and their leader are located somewhere on the island of Malden. This cell was responsible for several recent chemical weapons attacks. We will airdrop in, dismantle their operation and attempt to capture their leader. Command is scrambling to get us the gear we need as our normal kit is stored at our assigned base and is unlikely to arrive before the operation starts.


Friendly Forces:

NATO COIN Task Force - Special Operations Branch



V-44X Blackfish (Infanrty transport) X 1


Enemy Forces:

Unknown terrorist forces




Large civilian presence in urban areas, sparse population elsewhere




Paradrop into the location, assault the enemy position, secure any chemical weapons on site and capture the enemy leader if possible. (He must not escape)






Paradrop in the operational area

Assault the enemy stronghold

Secure any chemical weapons

Capture the leader of the terror cell if possible (he is not to escape, under any circumstance)



Movement Plan:

At Commanders discretion


Rules of Engagement:

Armed personnel on location may be engaged on sight.

No civilian presence is expected in the area so collateral damage is unlikely.

Only buildings clearly being used for a military purpose may be engaged.

Civilian life must be protected at all costs


Optional Tasks:

Capture the enemy leader if possible.


Admin & Logistics



At the commander’s control, assets are available at base to facilitate this.

Reinforcements: Unlimited




Command & Control



Overall command lays with code name "Overlord" who will set objectives and ROE.



Radio channels are set for each element and can be viewed on the map in game.

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Credits for the mission, but as a medic I couldn't bring myself to enjoy the majority of the mission.


I'm very aware of the nature of the mission, but being a medic it was nothing more than a pain in the ass, to put it nicely. There seemed to be a prominant need for people always wanting to be ahead, in conjunction to the lack of patience from some people when a medic is trying to do his job, and get people up. People attempting to step over me and rush past me when reviving in tight coridoors and stairs lead to the revive being cancelled altogether as the body got pushed out of reviving distance. Moreover, the inability to move back as a medic as there is about 10 people trying to get past you, only lead to the medic being down. And with there only being two medics, you can tell how frustrating this might have been.


It's not often that I criticse and get as angry as I did that mission, but I felt justified given the circumstances of sheer inability for the medic to play an effective role, especially when there are only two of them.

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