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Ambulance :3



Recently i got to drive the Ambulance a few times. It didnt took long till we had 2 people joining the medic Squad waiting for Action.

With the Ambulance removing this ugly transporter at Main we coud improve the Medic Gameplay. Guys askd us about our Role and it get acepted quickly. We Revived at this Day at least 40+ ( mostly TK as always XD ) and we had a lot of fun using the Force of the unarmd Ambulance.  Its a simple Way to Play the role of a Medic on its finest.


What do you Guys think about it ...let me know plc :)

Your Mastif

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Yeah, I like this idea.


After speaking with the public mod team we've decided that we will replace the transport van with the ambulance. The only condition is that the sirens will be disabled. Due to the noise of it and the range that it can be heard at. It may get frustrating for players always having to hear it.

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