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IA4 Discussion: reward points for mission objectives


Mission Objective Reward Points  

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  1. 1. Should players receive reward points for being present in an Area of Operation (AO) when it completes?

    • Yes
    • No

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Hi folks,


We'd like to canvas your opinions on whether a player receives reward points for simply being present in the Area of Operation when it completes.


The intention behind this mechanic was to reward players who participate in the mission and provide support, but don't get points from enemy kills.  There are a lot of scenarios that can't be scripted for specific reward situations.


However, there are a few scripts that are required to enable this, and while I don't think they have an overly significant amount of processing cost, every little bit helps.  Also, it can be a bit invasive to the experience, with notifications popping up to tell you that you are or are not participating in the primary or secondary operation.  Furthermore, some people may feel that players who aren't racking up kills shouldn't be receiving "free" points, or that players outside of the AO and shooting into it shouldn't be excluded from receiving these points.


Your opinions please!


- R

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