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Side Mission : Officer Type (Secure Intel)



It's unpredictable. Been doing that Side for 3 years, i still don't evne know how it fails as it's so unclear. I been told if the officer gets 500m away from the border zone it fails. But i seen Officers being driven to the AO. The fact that the Officer doesn't run out of stamina, moves unpredictable to diffirent ways. It's like the officer knows he is untouchable. Give him a Armor 3 vest or something. 

Officers cna just disapear in a blink. So compensate the unrealistic stuff with giving an advantage towards us. 

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For clarities sake:

There's a total of 3 intel missions.  One is a TV placed under a camo net, this one isn't relevant to this topic.  The other 2 are secure intel (unit) and secure intel (vehicle). 


Let me first talk about secure intel vehicle:
This mission can be recognized by the 3 officers standing near the vehicles all being armed.  (for the unit one one of the officers will be unarmed).  This mission has 2 fail conditions and 1 win condition.  The obvious win condition is securing the intel from the vehicle.  The first fail condition is the vehicle being destroyed.  The second is a bit more complicated.  First, the vehicle containing the intel needs to have detected an enemy.  (It uses a BI function to detect this)  Once the that vehicle has detected an enemy the groups of the 3 vehicles (which include the officers that aren't yet in the vehicle) are given a waypoint to go to the (centre of the) AO.  Once all of this is done the mission will start checking if there's any blufor in a 500 meter radius.  If this is no longer the case the mission will fail. 


Now for the secure intel unit:

This mission can be recognized by 1 of the 3 officers being unarmed.  This mission has again 2 fail conditions and 1 win condition.  And again, the win condition is securing the intel but this time from the unarmed officer, not from the vehicle.  And both fail conditions are also identical but this time all the stuff revolves around the unarmed officer and not the vehicle. 


As for units disappearing: The only time units are deleted by the mission is after the mission has either completed or failed. 

As for the stamina: the officer has default AI behaviour and stamina

And for the moving unpredictably: again, the officer has default AI behaviour and is given one single waypoint towards the AO. 


Hope this brings some clarity. 

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i disagree on changing the mission the suggest way by editing officer values (gear/stamina) and here s why :


SECURE INTEL is supposed to be tricky and is the Queen of side missions since adding it to the mission list.

It is expected to divide the weak rambos from the players cooperating or having a decent plan to this mission by adding the "capture" factor of the officer.

As,its eZ to do a vehicle intel,but the  officer intel forces you to be on your toe´s all the time.

I had several (100s) of officer pursuits,either by car or on foot - and as long as you keep in the 500m range of the escaping officer its no issue.


That being said,its funny you mention you on a 3 year long intifada against that mission.

And you havnt figured out in all that time that if YOU drop parts of gear you r wearing/carrying you also run FASTER than the officer or minimum equally fast and then its just predicting his nxt movements to either overtake him with your car and block his path,then get out and make him surrender or you just run in 5m range near him and hit the GET INTEL option on the scrollwheel and VOILA .... mission done.



How about you get off your high horse and ASK someone (me) for information before ranting on the forum about it in a useless way and trying to alter the mission setup.

Hmmmm ?





I do agree that the mission fails pretty lightly if the officer gets alerted to early and the escape cars run him over in maneuvering.

But thats only a 30% chance that happens and mostly only if you engage from to far to early.

Also,failure is part of the game and exitement.


Still,dont you nubcake my beloved intel mission to cater to weaklings.



Sincerly yours 😘

The"im betta than you"Scar

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came online today,noticed the mission file got updated and being curious as usual i read the changelog ingame noticing this:


- [Tweaked] Officer At Secure Intel Mission Is Now Weighed Down


Like really?

I was in assumption that there would be at least a tad of conversation about it,especially as i pointed out in my post above.

You just dumped the skill requiring for that mission down by alot imo.


I dont want to repeat myself,but this mission is with us since the very early I+A 2 times.


It got dumped down already in I+A 3 when the "vehicle Intel only" version got added.

I m not saying it was a bad idea,i applauded the addition and still find it a good diversion from the original mission,altho its lacks some part of the "keep on your toe" feeling as its quite easier to achieve vehicle than officer intel.

And that is the point!

The possibility to have a mission that has the option to fail (if the players/team/solo rambo screw up either by lack of attention,killing the officer by a nearby explosion by a misguided missile  or whatever else) is a essential addition to the generic MP missions.

Its different from get there,kill all and be rewarded.


Thats why it is the Queen of side missions and "making it easier" by weighting down the officer is a solution that i would call pittyfull.

At least i would of expected a wider exchange of arguments on this before changing and releasing it within a few days.


I mean,you realise Derp is calling for this change because he fails to come up with a solution when doing this mission solo?

Its not like there s a few more people having issues with this mission, i m quite sure you cant even name more than 10 people taking issue with this mission.


For real,i still recall a Intel mission Xwatt,Pepper and me did where i pursuited the intel cars for several km´s on foot from Skiptro to Agios Petros.

Or that one on Salt Lake where the officer was a diver and managed  escaping via diving.

Thats entertainment!

Not dumping the skilllevel even more down.


No offense to your coding skills Stan,this one is not on you - but i call the decision made to change the mission a bad one.

Thats one really got me pissed off.

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I ve got a recording of me doing the "updated" Secure Intel #officer from last week, is there any interest from AW editing this and use it as HowToIntel example?

I say it requires some editing as it involved 2 pilot fools trying to compromise my taken effort, but once they died its a pretty nice take on that mission...

#3officers with binocs and added gear

#not intended


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