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[Suggestion] Mortar & Firebase Changes

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Before I begin, these are changes that I have either already made in a local testing build that can easily be merged, or changes that I am more than willing to integrate myself, saving the current main dev team from having to manage their time to handle it themselves.



Artillery Observer in same group as Mortar Gunner

I was testing this with danne last night, and we think that the Forward Artillery Observer (Spotter) should be in the same squad as the Gunner, as the group actual.


There are various reasons for this:

  • Forward Artillery Observer can attach him/herself to any squad, pilot or vehicle
  • Forward Artillery Observer can use the communications menu to call in Artillery strikes: F2 (Select Gunner in squad) > Fire Artillery > etc
  • Forward Artillery Observer will report target positions of enemies on the map to the Gunner in order to refine mortar strikes to be more effective
  • Allows for more private and non-intrusive VON conversation between Gunner and Observer via the Group Chat VON channel.


During testing it worked out pretty well, apart from a minor bug which I believe is due to the comms menu being set up for AI only. This also presents another possibility for you guys to think about: Automated Artillery. An AI Gunner can sit on the mortar position in the firebase, and the Forward Artillery Observer can then call in strikes to locations he designates, and then the AI gunner will automatically fire a volley at the coordinates.


This could also mark the start of a 'Support' group chat dedicates itself to support: Artillery, Engineering, MASH, etc.



Mortar Firebase Re-designed

Danne and myself spent a lot of time working on this and we believe the new firebase looks amazing. We just want to show you guys to see if you like it, and see if the bosses want to include it. Screenshots ahoy! Click to enlarge.


dd7EeNKb.jpg ZWpWlbXb.jpg uryGa6Ib.jpg FRW7t0eb.jpg PwL52eLb.jpg 03Ouu1Zb.jpg 


From top left to bottom right:


  • The inside of the compound. I like road cones. Parking bay for a hunter/vehicle.
  • The front-side of the base. Put a sign placeholder down (texture being made)
  • Flipped the Mobile HQ round so the stairway and door faces inwards. This presents a more secure 'look and feel' to the COP.
  • Helipad on the steady decline out front, for delivering troops in the event that reinforcement is necessary, or even delivering ammo (see below)
  • Checkpoints on both sides of the road; for aesthetic purposes of course.



Naturally in a real life situation a mortar-base out in the middle of nowhere will need to be supplied. I suggested a basic version of this to Raz while he was working on the initial script and I believe I have a way of making it work.


  1. This is both a way of mildly limiting the Mortars from being over-used in conjunction with the ammo-per-30minutes limit, which (if this suggestion is accepted) would be increased.
  2. There would be a new area on the base called 'Ordnance Storage', most likely in a green shed/type area. A hunter or vehicle will need to pull up outside, a player will then take ammo from the shed, carry it to the hunter and load it. It will take up a lot of room so you can only take, say, 2 or 4 magazines per load.
  3. The player will then drive to the firebase and deliver the ammo to the mortar gunner who will then load it into the mortars and continue providing artillery support.
  4. Once the ammo has been extinguished, after 30 minutes since the last spawn of ammo has passed, more ammo will spawn in at the Ordnance Storage area on the main base. Repeat the process as above.


This presents a new gameplay aspect - squads will have to assign one or two players to deliver the ammo if they want mortar support to continue, otherwise the mortar gunner will have to do it himself which in turn would delay artillery support. There can then be a few extra gameplay elements introduced:


Priority Mission: Firebase Trenchfoot is out of ammo and under attack! Deliver munitions and repel the attack!

Side/Priority Mission: A supply vehicle has been ambushed en-route to Firebase Trenchfoot. Secure the Vehicle and Deliver it to the Firebase for a large bonus in ammunition.



As usual, let me know your thoughts on these ideas. As I said above, the ideas are either already ready to go, or I will take full responsibility for the creation of them myself pending approval from the bosses. :)


- noms <3

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The supply route and reload would bring a whole new element to the gunner / observer team 

 in my opinion the role needs that ability to manually grab more rounds rather than wait for the magic rounds to appear in the gun (while twiddling thumbs)


would the reload rounds be able to be carried by helo or just hunter?

or in a backpack sized object 4 rounds = 1 backpack?


nice work on the aesthetics noms :)

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Priority Mission: Firebase Trenchfoot is out of ammo and under attack! Deliver munitions and repel the attack!


I can imagine the mortar operator hiding inside the green bunker waiting for reinforcements, that would be so awesome.

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