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Humble opinion. Cheers everyone in the community.


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Wanted to say hi and share with you all at least the first 5 mints of this clip remembering good old days in EU3 with Luetin09 and all the guys and the maps and the mods and the uniforms and the intensity and interest the community had then. And don’t tell me it was too loaded or frame drop because of the lots of mods used since nowadays it’s the same with those boring maps and factions we are playing lately. (Had to say it, it’s how I feel).


My point is that we need to get back to it again and have fun in arma in ahoyworld modded, let’s go guys !!!








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If the uniforms are a reason to not play enhanced, you'd be better off without them (those people who want to dress fancy) i think, i mean...really, uniforms? Never expected the arma playerbase to have that amount of feminin feelings.


PS: G...is for gear?

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I think is not about the playerbase feminin feelings, I would say it is about playing with all the options a couple of mods can do towards a better/cooler Arma/Ahoyworld experience.

New weapons, vehicles, aircrafts and not repeating the ‘go to mission’ factor since this mods change the escenarios, without stepping out of serious gaming and realism of course. Cheers guys !

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