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[suggestion] AW Steam Community

John McClane


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I think we need to go over all it's social aspects, Facebook, Twitter ect and do an overhall get everything in line :> I think we'll have to put that on our list of things to do. 

I agree, i think it would help with plublicity and possibly bring in more people. Also i think there should be a AW Youtube channle, right now i am working on making a promotional video for AW, its gonna take a bit to complete but when and if i do release it, it would be nice to have these areas to post it on.

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I am trying to access the Facebook, Twitter, Steam Community and all the other stuff.


I was hoping to take some of this stuff on because its really important that we get seen.

Quite Simply the Passwords aren't recorded for any of us Core Staff to use.  We need to be given them specially.  We use a system called Buffer which allows us to post on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously and random intervals, but I have forgotten the password for it.

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