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[EU2] Guerrilla Ops Livonia Week 3 30/08/19 @ 17:30 UTC


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Mission Name:

[EU2] Guerrilla Ops Livonia Week 2

17:30 UTC

(Contact DLC Required)


Server Details:


Port: 2602


Mods Required:



Installation guide: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/12153-how-to-install-tfar-and-the-teamspeak-addon/


TS address: ts.ahoyworld.net



Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 31 (3 cells of 9, command and vortex )

Brief Summary:


Last week we struck at the heart of the LDF. We cut the head off of their anti insurgency force. Now while they are weakened we will strike at their forces in the south.


This week we will be focusing on destroying several exposed LDF positions. This will draw out forces from a local garrison. We will then maneuver to attack the base which will then have just a basic garrison 


This fast strike will prove that the LDF forces cannot defend the area and they will have to withdraw. We will show the people that there is another way .


With this strike we will pave the way for the freedom of our country.



niech żyje livonia

Long live Livonia



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Results from week 3:

We were successful in our diversionary raids on the LDF positions. This drew out the QRF force from the FOB near Nadbor. 

We used this opportunity to attack and destroy the FOB, and successfully withdrew before the LDF could bring their full might to bear against us.


This has proven that the LDF cannot hold the south of the country. We will now be able to move more freely in this area.




Garrison at Nadbor was wiped out, the LDF will move out of this area and consolidating their forces in the North.

We have made contact with an external force who will aid us in our effort. The benefits of this will be seen in the future.


Important info:

No mission next week, next mission will be 13/9/19.


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