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[EU2] Zeus Operations 25/08/19 @ 17:00 UTC


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Mission Name:

[EU2] Zeus Operations - Malden Reprisal [Week Two]

17:00 UTC


Server Details:


Port: 2602


Mods Required:




TS adress: ts.ahoyworld.net



Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 60


Brief Summary:

Last week, we set our first footsteps on the mainland of Malden, as we took over the harbour that was blocking us from our initial insertion. Now we must delve right into the heart of the southern peninsula, in what will most definitely be an action packed CQB endeavor. 


We will begin just West of the harbour, where we haven gotten Intel about a NATO officer, in which it must be a high priority of ours to execute him, to shake NATO's hierarchy. After this we will head south, where we must destroy experimental technologies that have been placed in the hands of our enemies. Next, we must Take Le Port, a city that is littered with NATO forces, from the streets to the houses. This will be a difficult siege, and we can expect to lose many soldiers in this grudging battle. Just West of Le Port is a power plant, in which NATO are defending as the power plant is resource heavy. Lastly we will head North up the road, in which we must destroy a NATO ammo cache, and it is here that we will settle for our next endeavors.



map colour.jpg

map white.jpg




zeus ops.jpg

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  • Xwatt changed the title to [EU2] Zeus Operations 25/08/19 @ 17:00 UTC

I really like how every week we can find some improvements to zeus ops, but there's one thing I really miss right now. Is there any chance to get back options to drag/carry bodies? Or was it just a part of old revive system?

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42 minutes ago, Stanhope said:

You should probably post in EU2 Zeus Ops Feedback/Discussion Thread
But to answer your question: not at this moment in time.  I&A4 uses the same revive system and dragging has been disabled there for being too buggy.  I can only promise I'll look into it, don't know if I can get it working.

My bad, I swear I was looking for feedback thread but I guess I'm just blind. Anyway, appreciate your help as always.

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