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The Global AW Banlist


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Following the great news of our brand new US server we would like to draw your attention to the following:


Banned players & the global AW banlist


First of all we again like to state that we do NOT enjoy banning players from our server, however as the servers are being operated in the public arma domain this unfortunatly cannot be avoided totally. As a result of this we do have a banlist containing our biggest troublemakers and known hackers.


Banning players will keep our servers playable for the bigger mayority of good players out there that make our servers to what they are today !

(Thank you good players ! you all know who you are ! )


We are now automatically syncing the EU & US banlist. This means


1 - A ban on one of our servers will get you banned on ALL official AhoyWorld servers, almost instantly

2 - Both servers offer same level of griefer-free experience, allowing you to optimally enjoy your game


We stress again that we keep banning to an absolute minimum since we dont like to ban any players. Our policies towards banning state that a ban is an absolute last resort, however it is sometimes unavoidable unfortunately.


We feel that an global AhoyWorld banlist is a good thing for all players that enjoy the game and our servers as intended, and a great tool to insure you all can continue to do !! Hopefully this is another step in the good direction in order to provide you with the best possible service and a enjoyable players platform !!


Better think twice before getting banned twice :D


"Official AhoyWorld servers: I&A at it's best!"


Kind Regards

Your AhoyWorld staff

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