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[EU2] Zeus Operations 18/08/19 @ 17:00 UTC


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Mission Name:

[EU2] Zeus Operations - Malden Reprisal [Week One]

17:00 UTC


Server Details:


Port: 2602


TS adress: ts.ahoyworld.net



Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Player Slots: 60


Brief Summary:

This morning, news broke out about the overthrow of AAF forces on the island in Stratis. We are an AAF platoon stationed on Malden, for small training coalitions. So far, we have kept peace with our neighbouring NATO forces, but we are planning on disbanding these relations. We are only a small force stationed in a corner of the island, but we plan to seek revenge for our fallen soldiers on the island of Stratis. Malden is a NATO controlled island, and therefore we have a lot of ground to attack before we can assert our dominance in the region.


After we prepare ourselves in our training camp on the most westerly point of a sub-island of Malden, we will make ourselves known by destorying a NATO Motor Pool, where NATO has stashed valuable armour assets. The sheer blast of these vehicles will surely make our presence known and let NATO know of our intentions. Next, we will raid the military base, which is the biggest stronghold on the island. After that we will move slightly North, where NATO hold their training drills, which they occasionally invite us to for training coalitions. After that, we will gain control of the docks, from which we set off for mainland Malden, where will settle on and establish ourselves for the coming battles.





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