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How active is the community?


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It's still fairly active, I'll give you a basic rundown from what I understand.


Teamspeak: Not as active as it once was in some ways, but still recieves a fair amount of players for the various servers. EU1 channel still gets quite a bit of people and myself and my group like to hang out in one of the social channels.


Discord: There's a discord now, so perhaps you'd like to join that if you're interested. Information should be on the forums and teamspeak.


EU1: Still played a fair bit, I think some of the core players that used to play back when you played are gone now but the playerbase is still somewhat healthy.


EU2: EU2 is a lot more active with specialised events that revolve around teamwork and communication.


AWE/EU3: This is down and has been down for a long time, I don't know the status about what is going on with it, but chances are it won't be up this year. If you don't know what this is, it was a public modded server running a mission similar to Invade and Annex but with some more features.


MSO/EU6: Myself and a bunch of others play on a modded Multiple Session Operation (MSO) mission that heavily revolves around teamwork, communication and organisation so if you are interested in some "Serious Fun" modded gameplay, please feel free to contact either myself, @kennychr or @Johnson here or on the teamspeak. We will get you set up and introduce you to it.


TL;DR - We're still here, some things are different but most the community remains.

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