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So I was thinking about ways that UAV's can be better used in the game and I thought well first we needed to fix that glitch where the UAVs get stuck in the ground and second I thought why not ad UGV's back I think they would be very helpful and also give the UAV pilot something to do since not all the time a UAV is required 


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for the UGV's we removed them since nobody used them and half the time they would have no wheels and be stranded in the middle of nowhere, as they are very prone to loosing tires. To me, the Eddie drone seems much more effective, as it is tracked, and much more compact, and still packs a punch.


If people want the UGV back, I see no issue, but it's hard to see a demand for it.

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3 hours ago, Stanhope said:

Which glitch? 

when you connect to the UAV's they dont move and you have to tern the engine off and on again a few times also sometimes the UAV's go off in there 
own direction and you cant control them 

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