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New US Server Launch


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Hello AhoyWorld Members

As of yesterday our US server is now officially a thing!  But what does this mean?  What is going to Change?  What do we do!?

What Does this Mean!?


What this is essentially going to mean is that more North American players should be appearing on the forums and teamspeak.  We have created a channel called "ArmA 3 (US Server)" to accommodate the US Players.  I hope that if you see any US Players you will be yourselves and be the lovely people you have all proven to be!


Having this US server should hopefully mean that we can give North America a taste of the AW experience that we have all come to love but from the North American players it will be the AW experience with less ping.

What is Going to Change


As little as possible, the US server has the same mission, rules and the ban list is the same as well!  So if someone sods about on any of our servers they will be locked out from them all!  We are going to have more admins to manage the two servers and also some of our existing admins may pop to the US server to help out and vice versa.  Its worth making it clear there is not to be a them and us from either side AW admins are AW admins and will have the same level of access as one another and should be treated with the same respect.

What do WE Do?

Keep playing on AhoyWorld Servers of course!  We owe the fact that we can set up a US server to you guys making AhoyWorld such a success!  Be yourselves and welcome the US players into our community and help them get settled!  If we have any events I hope that both US and EU players can attend and play together on equal terms.  Hope to see you all on the battlefield and chat to you all on TeamSpeak shortly.


Special Thanks!

Thank You to Jester for providing us with the Server and we hope together we can expand out community and create a great experience that can be shared worldwide!  We are two continents down only 2 to go (Antarctica not be possible or having a large enough gaming community (or just general population in the first place.))


Many Thanks,

AhoyWorld Staff

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It has now been officially 1 week that the server has been up and running and we have broke into the top 15 servers!


Was hoping for top 10, but there was a few hiccups along the way, but even then, that hasn't slowed us down!


Next up..... Taking the top two spots :P

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