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Possible Zeus access improvement



Now my info on this topic might be horribly outdated (in that case this suggestion is pointless), but in case it is not, here goes:


As far as I know, AW Zeus access is authorised via UID check upon joining the server, leading to staff with Zeus access always having Zeus access, which is, I believe, quite annoying because of Zeus pings when one just wants to play the game. Then again I've never been pinged, so I don't know if the ping actually reaches somebody with Zeus access when the interface is not open.

In case these prerequisites are true, I have an idea how to make life a little easier.


Pretty simple: make Zeus access optional. Add an option to the diary or assign a keybind like Ctrl + [Zeus] to players with Zeus access that toggles the player actually being added to Zeus (via assignCurator and unassignCurator).

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