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Operation Talon

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USMC Force recon marines are conducting COIN supported by ANA forces in the region of Lythium situated near the Pakistani and Iraqi border.

Local insurection from the Taliban are high and have requested support and mentoring from the US forces. Our detachment is small and is best

suited for small kinetic operations but can be expanded upon by requesting support from nearby local and Nato forces.

Our toolset also includes the ability to search and dismantle IEDs,VBIEDs and other small EOD tasks. Our focus should be with interacting with the locals to ensure good standings with US and Afghani forces.


ROE is to not fire unless fired upon as the areas that are outside city centers and the greenzone may have civilans that carry guns for self defence or is used for hunting.






1. Situation


  1. Enemy: Insurgent forces armed with soviet arms. Enemy will mostly do ambushes and hit and runs against friendly forces.IED’s are also a factor to consider when planning movement.The enemy will most likely stay and fight to the last man.He does not have any supply chains setup to keep him supplied and will mostly rely on recruiting combatants from the locals. He also has acsess to captured friendly equipment and explosives and will most likely utilize them in attacks against us.

  2. Other friendly forces: ANA forces spread throughout the greenzone, operating out from Kinduf airfield. 

  3. Attached friendly forces: NIL


The overall mission of our forces is to recon the area and find any enemy installations we can find and neutralize them. Any insurgents met during this operation are to be neutralized or captured.


Standing march time after this briefing is 60 minutes.







My intent is to gather intel about enemy installations so that we can cripple the enemy's function to destabilize the region.

My goals are to deal critical blows to the insurgents means of recruitment of civilians and also their ability to procure arms and also produce IED’s.


The endstate is that the insurgents are left with no choice but to move more openly against us since we will take away their means to use more hidden methods to strike against us (IED’s,civilians etc).


  1. Plan: To be discussed each play session.


ROE: Return fire only.


  1. Ammunition: Crates at FOB Iban and FOB Green

  2. Supplies: Request via Chain of command. You -> TL -> SL -> CMD

  3. Medical: 1 Corpsman, casualties can be medevaced to FOB Iban or when the field hospital is setup to FOB Green

  4. Catering: NIL

  5. Transport: 1x 2DR HMMW, 2x COUGAR M2.


5.Command And Control




b ) - Main NATO Command is located at Kinduf airbase

      - My place will be at FOB Green,any other location will be informed to Sabre-1


AW Command



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