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host DOMINATION 4 on EU2# ?



I discovered about 3 weeks ago that Xeno published a updated/new version of his DOMINATION 4 mission over at BI forums.

As EU2# is in general alot of time empty,how about hosting the origin mission I+A was based on there ?

I m (yet) not sure how Xeno views customisations of his mission,but that isnt a priority issue.

Here´s the features :



Your goal is it to free randomly picked targets from all enemy forces.
Resolving side missions will get you better vehicles (tanks, helicopters, planes).


Game mode: MP, Coop 1-40 players (50 in the TvT version)
Addon's required: None
Sides: Blufor, Opfor
Features: Custom made revive, AI, Ranked version, extDB3 support and many more


  • Randomly picked main targets
  • Many side missions
  • Custom made revive
  • Dynamic weather
  • Many parameters can be changed by an admin in the server lobby (enable AI version or ranked version for example)
  • Ammo boxes can be loaded into some vehicles (Ammo point at base)
  • Uses MHQs for respawn (once deployed)
  • Teleport from one deployed MHQ to another
  • Vehicles can be lifted by the lift chopper (MHQs for examples)
  • Some wrecks can be lifted by the wreck lift chopper and can get repaired at the wreck point at base
  • Uses BIS Virtual Arsenal for ammo boxes
  • Parajump from main targets (once cleared)
  • Engineers can repair and refuel damaged vehicles (needs Toolkit)
  • Engineers can load static weapons into engineer trucks
  • Artillery operators can mark artillery targets with a laser designator and can call in artillery strikes
  • Team leaders of Alpha, Charlie and Echo can also mark artillery targets and they can call in air drops
  • Mission dialog to change viewdistance, gras, etc.
  • Squad management dialog
  • Save player stats and mission progress to a SQL database (if extDB3 is configured)
  • Support for ACE (if it is running on the server)
  • Supports dedicated servers and hosted environments
  • and lots of features more...


So,how you gentlemen vouch ?


YEY or NEY ?

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Overall thoughts:


it's nice, but to me I don't see what it offers that is much different from I&A. There are a few nice little additions I like such as the "capture points" and how CSAT reinforcements will constantly take them back if you aren't defending them. Personally I think I&A4 - and even I&A3 is much better than this, but of course Domination is not supposed to be like modern day I&A. It's a nice mission, not sure how stable it would be with anything above 30 people, as frame-rates weren't the best and there seemed to be enemy Armour spawning at really random areas of the map, not sure what that's about. (and no cleanup script) I think a decent amount of work to it would have to be done before it is usable for our playerbase, and i'm not sure if the workload of that outweighs the benefits it would bring.

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A description of what it's about - but im going to attempt to give you all my "own" explanation about how this works.




This is main base - it isn't pretty but it works.  Unlike I&A3 there is no FOB's, so this is what you will be seeing. Much like I&A it has the common helicopter repair and vehicle repair points, and everything that you find in the base in I&A you will find in here too.




When an AO spawns, you have 30 seconds to pick where you want the AO to move to. You shift click on the map to decide where you want to vote, and the most votes in the next 30 seconds wins which AO spawns next. Cool feature! put's what AO you want next into the players hands, and I like the "vote" system.




To get to the AO we can take a helicopter, or a ground vehicle, and an option in base allows you to paradrop. you can't paradrop IN the AO, only outside of it.




So this is what the AO looks like. It will dynamically change colour depending on the status of capture, and when there is a majority of NATO or CSAT in that area. there is a radiotower, and then these little markers labelled 1-5. These are capture points.




There are 3-5 capture points in an AO. you have to stand directly under them or inside of hem to capture them. it takes about 1 minute to capture these.




After killing all off the AI, taking all the capture points, and destroying the radiotower, CSAT call reinforcements. They WILL take the capture points that you captured, and you need to make sure you defend these otherwise the AO WILL NOT FINISH. I love this idea, and I really enjoy the apsect of having to defend these capture points, otherwise CSAT will quite easily bombard them and take them off your hands.





After finishing the AO - you get a reward. In my time playing the first reward was a prowler and the second a hunter GMG. Because you don't start with any hunters/prowlers at base, you earn them through completing AO's.




Side rewards seem to work the same as I&A, this particular one was a typical intel mission.










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