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EU2 Zeus Guerrilla Campaign Map Choice

Map preference Malden or Livonia  

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  1. 1. Currently building a Vanilla Guerrilla Campaign, would people prefer Malden or Livonia?

    • Malden (Doesn't require DLC)
    • Livonia (Requires Contact DLC)
    • Either sounds good

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  • Poll closed on 07/30/2019 at 11:40 AM

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I am currently building a Guerrilla campaign, which will focus on defeating the corrupt government forces and outside invaders in order to free the country.


Your rag tag bunch of rebels will start with little but as your faction grows you will gain access to more resources and assets.


The question is which map would people prefer as you the players are the ones going to be playing.


The choices are Malden or Livonia.


Benefits of Malden are that is free and everyone can play, Livonia has massive forests that would fit this style of play.


Choice is yours,



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Like you said Livonia fits a guerilla type campaign much better because of all the ambush opportunities we will have access to, the cover needed for such operations and it will fit the whole guerilla theme. Malden is just to damn open for such a type of campaign and there isnt much ambush opportunities to be had which most knows is an integral part of being a guerilla rebel group. Seems most people agree with this too.

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