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Enabling VON for I&A Server

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I am trying to enable VOIP for in game chat. It seems the coding does not allow for this to happen. Is there a work around for this? I tried editing the script to allow this feature and was not successful. Please help :)


Thank you,


69thID A CO Sabre 1-1

Server Team

Mission Team

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//disable VON in certain channels
0 enableChannel [false, false];
1 enableChannel [true, true];
2 enableChannel [true, false]; 


This is the code I changed just to test and still nothing on our end for voice.


Thank you,

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You have some inconsistencies in the files.  In description.ext you fully disable global, side and command channel while allowing both text and voice in group, vehicle and local.  But in onplayerrespawn you disable global, enable side and only allow chat on command.  I suggest getting rid of the disableChannels in description.ext (lines 35-43) and using the code in onplayerrespawn (lines 85-87) to enable and disable channels.  With maybe the exception of systemchat, I believe you have to use the one in description.ext for that

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1 hour ago, Joshmagosh said:

It is set to custom is there something I have to change in the files?

Well yea, the relevant settings for your custom difficult to show the names and the hexagons


1 hour ago, Joshmagosh said:

Also when I edited to FOB's script it did not load with some of the vehicles that I put in;

The aac_jet3 and aac_veh10 markers don't exist so it's not gonna be able to spawn anything on those markers.  Which it probably already told you in your RPT. 

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