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A Late Introduction. Hi.


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C'est moi.




A bunch of you have seen me on the EU IA server on Arma 3, and since I've spent most of the 63 hours on Arma 3 in the EU server, I'd hope you at least know me by now haha.


Yeah. So.


I'm an expat living in the UAE, working my way through secondary/high school.

That should give you some indication of my age, but don't let that change much of your opinion of me already, if anything.


Let's see. 


Some of you who have heard me on TS may have noticed I have a somewhat American accent. However, being schooled in a mostly British curriculum school and being surrounded by many British friends, I've grown to know a bunch about both cultures, and will know/use british slang every now and then.


Outside of gaming, I have interests in American Football (Go Panthers!), Football (Go Swansea!), and some minor interests in Baseball and Rugby. I play a lot of different games, from things like Arma, to Starcraft, to Kerbal, and Guild Wars 2. And many others. Don't hesitate to add me on steam, just search for Cain.


When I am playing Arma, I usually go for either pilot, mortar gunner, spotter, AT, or Medic. You know, the useful roles :v

You'll also see me complain about how my MK200 doesn't do anything because suppression doesn't work on the aimbot AI. lol. Also, you'll know if I'm flying your chopper when the littlebird suddenly does a loop. Mhm.


That's it for now.

See you on Arma!




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Hello, Cain! 


I did not realize you were that young, during tactics you were excellent and I would much like to have you in my squad again :)


Oh, and I also follow english football, although I like wealthy russians I must admit that Swansea has got some class players :)

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