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Hello All


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Hi all im Del,


not only am I new to the forums, I am new to the pc aswell.

I really enjoy the I&A and Im looking forward to teaming up with some of you.

Like I said though I am new and would like to start off just by following the group around and obviously giving fire support but im still getting used to the radio chat and understanding everything completely.

Ive had a little practice and also done the bootcamp and a little of the campaign but cant remember it all straight away aswell as getting used to my new controls (no ps4 controller anymore).

Im ok at sniping and overwatch but my close battle encounters need a little work.

If you dont mind a newbie on your squad then please gimme a shout, Ill try not to let you down.

Anyways thats me and I hope to see you on the battleground soon.

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Welcome Del. I (we) could explain EU1 to you but i'm afraid that's nothing I can wrap around human common words. We love to play on server for reasons no one can ever explain in full extension. It's some kind of mystic... like the Darkhold... like tears in rain... some guy will ask you about growing grass, his friend will guide you to the building that 4 csat soldiers occupied. then there's that tigris you can't kill with your rpg 42... it's just the most complex experience you will have in a while... good luck!

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hey welcome here on the server,

here are all nice people you want to help and also in discord😉

i am also new here for a while and i also have to learn alot but you will like it


Good luck!!!!!

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Hi again and thanks for the welcomes. Dunno if I'm more nervous or not now lol.

I seem to have hit a bit of trouble trying to link armasync with the repo. It can't connect.

I've followed the instructions but no joy.

If it won't do it, can I still join server or will I have difficulty with groups?

I know I could just join it but want a good experience and be able to communicate.


I did also install discord recently which is pretty user friendly but when I installed teamspeak... That needs a YouTube tutorial I think haha.

anyway I've got it I'm just figuring it out.


Anybody that would like to join server 2 at their convenience to have a little chat on how toos and what not would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards Del

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Hey Del,


You don't need to go to the hassle of using Armasync, you can connect using the vanilla Arma launcher, the allowed mods can be downloaded from the steam workshop if you want them, none are required.

Allowed mods are listed here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1778947844 , Note that not all mods will work together, start small.


For Teamspeak the easiest way to connect is by creating a bookmark. This is done by clicking bookmarks and add bookmark.

The Label is just the name you want to give the bookmark.

Server address is ts.ahoyworld.com.

Finally, enter a nickname for yourself (which will appear to others when you connect) and save.

You can then connect using the bookmarks menu. 


That should be enough to keep you going for a while, any other questions feel free to send me a message.

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Hi @Delboy and welcome to the community!


EU1 is pretty lax on rules and your hands are not tied too much. Great place to learn the ins and outs of vanilla Arma 3. Ask questions and you will most probably also get some answers! :)

All mods used are client side only, i,e, you do not have to use them, but can if you want to. I suggest using cba3 and schatack user interface. I also like to use JSRS sound mod and blastcore for those extra special sounds and effects.

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