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Ahoy+ Subscriptions Influx


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Thank You!

On behalf of the Core Staff, Administrative Staff, and every other member of Ahoy World.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single subscriber for their support and (mainly) their money! We have received an unprecedented amount of support from these people and are truly grateful.


What's an Ahoy+ Subscriber?


An Ahoy+ subscriber is many things, they are the life blood of our service, without them there would be no I&A server and not much of a site either! They are people who want to be more than just a member, but an integral aspect of Ahoy World and it's development.


Everything we do hinges on donated money from subscriptions and ahoy coin purchases, more money = greater server security and eventually upgraded performance!


Where will all the donations go?


Into our servers, it might simply contribute to the next monthly installment of Caroline's (The AW EU Server) rent. If there are enough donations to allow it, it could even go into a dramatic server performance upgrade! Where ever the money you donate ends up, we guarantee it is being used to sustain and improve our service for everyone who chooses to play on our servers or frequent our forums.



Ahoy+ Subscribers: This is for you!  


Want to be more than just a member?


Help us reach those all important server improvements by subscribing and purchasing Ahoy Coin!

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I still don't quite have the hang of it, Ferg. You'll have to provide an amended version of the poem with it "Biebered up".


Still, I think I'll only write it if I get 5 Ahoy Coins.


I tried to cheat and use the "donate ahoy coins" button on your profile, but it seems to lack functionality.

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I wrote the poem at work during lunch, but I think it needs more than just copy-pasting in here.


I will make a video this weekend and put it on YouTube. Just gotta memorise the 15-versed monstrosity.

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